Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays!

Week 4 of Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays! Click on the image to visit Caddo’s blog, to see what others are sharing in this Seven Word Sundays fun! While you’re there, by all means please take a peek at what else Caddo is sharing. You won’t be disappointed! Now onward to my seven words. Though undeserved I thank You, thank You Lord, for Your unmerited favor and grace!           









6 comments on “Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays!

    • May the Lord bless you abundantly, Encouraging Debbie! Thank you so much! Right back at you! 🙂 🙂 Love and prayers! I’ll be camping out at your place in a few moments! 🙂

  1. Oh I LOVE this, Paulette–and it is the same in my life!! Undeserved favor abundant from God’s generous hands–amazing! To Him be ALL Glory! Sending you a special “I Love You” squeeze today–I think of you so much, as though I’ve known and loved you all my life. Funny, huh? God bless you Big–sis Caddo

    • Praise the Lord, Sis Caddo! God’s grace is truly, truly amazing, and totally undeserved! Don’t you just love Him?…You always seem to know when I need that special squeeze! Thank you so much! 🙂 Have a great week! Love, Paulette

    • Praise the Lord, Angela! What a privilege it is, indeed! Thank you Jesus! Mere words, truly cannot express my gratitude!….. May the Lord bless you Angela, and continually keep you in His loving care!

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