Welcome to Wednesday’s Praise and Worship Session! (31) Sep. 12

Welcome to Wednesday’s Praise and Worship Session! The Holy Scriptures: In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple. (Isaiah 6:1) And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke. Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts. (Isaiah 6:3 – 5)

Call To Worship: O Lord, let Your Doxa, Your glory, fill this place! God, send Your Manifest Presence, as I humbly seek Your face. Almighty God, it’s me, O Lord. I long for Your embrace. The radiance of Your glory, God, let it shine down on me; the essence of Your presence, Your glorious Majesty. O Lord, set my face and heart aglow. Send Your anointing, to overflow. I welcome You, Lord. I long for You, Lord. Worshiping at Your feet, is my greatest reward!    

Lord, in Your presence, I’m undone, unclean; not worthy to stand before You, my God, holy King. Transform me, O God, make me over again; in Your presence another vessel, fit to worship the King. Anoint me, O God, anoint me anew, anoint me with  fresh oil. Lord, how I long to be like You. You are holy, the Lord of glory. Your ways are past finding out; the Sovereign God, the Holy One, mighty God, Thy kingdom come! Righteousness and judgment are the habitation of Your throne. There is no God like unto You, O Lord, You are God and God alone! I worship You in this temple, my body, my flesh. You’re the God of all creation, clothed with strength and Holiness. Holy One, I worship Thee! I celebrate Your Splendor, Your glorious Majesty. O Lord my God, O how I love Thee!

As The Music Plays: “Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: let thy glory be above all the earth.” Mighty God, fill this place with smoke. Set Thyself as a cloud over us; pour out of Your Spirit upon us, Lord. We long to experience Your Manifest Presence. God, allow the brightness of Your glory to envelop us. We long for You, O God, as we worship You, as we praise You, as we honor You, as we celebrate You now!

Feel free to share a song of worship, a praise of thanksgiving, a Psalm of praise and worship, a poem, or whatever the Lord speaks into your heart to share, in the comment box. Please join us next time, for another Praise and Worship Session! Take a few moments to worship the Lord today. Worship the King of glory! Honor Him, and lift His name high! Send up a glorious shout unto the Lord! He deserves our worship! He deserves our praise! Worship Him today!





37 comments on “Welcome to Wednesday’s Praise and Worship Session! (31) Sep. 12

  1. Lord Jesus, we come to You today, giving You the glory and praise. O God, we love You, we adore You, we seek a visitation of Your spirit. We lift You up, we worship You. Touch us Lord, heal us God, and meet every need today. Transform us, God, in Your presence. Don’t let us leave Your presence the same, Jesus. I give You all the glory, Lord, and all the honor. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

    • “Holy, holy, holy. Holy, holy, holy. Holy is the LORD God Almighty. Worthy to receive glory, worthy to receive honor, worthy to receive all our praises!”

      Surely, our God is holy, and He is worthy to receive all our praise! None else is worthy! May our God be exalted today! Worthy is the Lamb! Hallelujah!… Rev. Nadine, thank you so much for participating in this worship session! Thank you for lifting Him high! HE’S WORTHY! May the blessings of Lord be upon you today, as you enjoy His presence!

    • May the Lord bless you, Pastor J! Powerful worship unto our God! Hallelujah! Holy, holy, holy! “The Son of Man with eyes of fire burning! Hallelujah for the Lord God omnipotent!” Glory, glory, glory to God in the highest!…..Thank you so much for joining us today, in worship of our Savior! HE’S WORTHY!

    • Glory to God! I feel like having church! “I believe I’ll testify, God’s been good to me. Through every test and trial, I’ve got the victory! The enemy is trying his best to make me turn around, bring me down. But my God has never failed me yet, so I’m going to stand my ground! No matter what comes my way, I’ll lift my voice and say HALLELUJAH ANYHOW!” ……Bishop Prince, now if I only had a tambourine! Glory, glory! Hallelujah! I truly enjoyed your praise offering today! HE’S WORTHY! What a tremendous blessing! Enjoy His presence today!

  2. God is worthy of all our praise today!!!

    I feel like He just keeps lifting up my spirit everyday when I’m feeling low. This song which I know was sung by a group called Selah is now sung by Josh Groban called You Raise Me up! I just love Josh Grobans angelic voice and I hope it lifts your spirit up today.

    God Bless You sister Paulette.
    Sherline 😀

    • When I am down, and oh my soul so weary; when troubles come, and my heart burdened be. Then I am still and wait here in the silence, until you come and sit a while with me. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas. I am strong when I am on Your shoulders. You raise me up, to more than I can be.”

      Sherline, your praise offering is beautiful! A sweet melody to my soul! The lyrics of this song are so uplifting, and such a blessing! His voice is truly melodious! Thank you so much for sharing it. May you be lifted up, in the presence of the Lord today!

  3. Praying God’s richest blessings to you, Paulette, and all our brethren who visit here in Wednesday “church”. He is so good to us, His children. Though my heart is heavy with burdens for those facing trials and challenges, I am confident that my trust in Him is not vain–He lifts them up, He lifts us all up, because His is the Greatest Love. Thank you, Lord–all praise and glory to YOU–we love You for Who You Are. Hallelujah! love from sis Caddo, too–

    • I’m so glad to see you here today, giving the Lord the praise and glory! Surely, our God is good, and He is greatly to be praised! He blesses us each day with new mercies showered upon us! Great is His faithfulness! My heart is heavy as well, and I am praying diligently for those facing “trials and challenges.” If you haven’t listened to the praise offering shared by Nightshade130, I highly recommend it. The song she shared was so uplifting and encouraging! May the Lord bless you, richly! May He make His face to shine upon you, today and always!

      • Yes, I have that one on my computer music library–I LOVE IT. And I’m not downhearted, by any means–just more appreciative that some of our family are not having an easy time of it. I’m pretty sensitive, so some days it just hits me harder than other, I guess. I would have brought a song today, but I’ve grown skittish about my lack of tech-savvy–and I didn’t have a poem ready; so I figured I could just come and offer my love and prayers. It always feels so good, just to be here, Paulette–it’s something I really look forward to each week, Praise God–He’s just SO GOOD.

        • Good morning! I certainly understand…..I’m so glad you enjoy “just being here,” in the presence of the Lord! Glory to God! That truly blesses me! Thank you so much for always praying for us each week!….Yes indeed, God is SO GOOD!… Caddo, whenever the Lord impresses upon you to share a video, please feel free to share it, by all means. When someone posts a video, and it doesn’t open in the comments, I find another video of the same song, and I re–post it in their comments. It’s truly not a problem. I simply want you to feel free to share whatever the Lord impresses upon your heart! May the Lord bless you today. May He make His face to shine upon you, always! Enjoy His presence!

  4. Although I wasn’t able to respond right away, I did join in with you all for Wednesday’s Praise & Worship session this morning right before I started my workday. And I must say that it has really set the tone for my day! I just wish I was able to steal away (besides my bathrom breaks) to simply express the sediments of my heart! I also wanted to share a song that has been ministering to me “A Clean Heart” by Fred Hammond . . . “And I am worshiping Your Great & Holy Name/ I’m DETERMINED to have life with NO chains/ Give me a CLEAN HEART and I will serve NOBODY BUT YOU!”

    • “Give me a clean heart, to see You like I should, to walk the path that’s right, to do the things You would. Give me a clean heart, and I will serve NOBODY BUT YOU!”…Crystal, I’m so glad that you were able to steal away for an intimate time in the presence of the Lord, before starting your workday! That’s wonderful! It has been such a blessing to have you sharing your heart for worship, with us! Praise the Lord! To God be the glory! I have enjoyed listening to your worship offering! We worship the Holy Name of our God! HE’S WORTHY! Continue to seek the Lord with all of your heart, your mind, and your soul! He is nigh unto you! Enjoy His presence!

  5. Thank you so much Paulette, as you lead us in praise and worship today. The tears are falling as i listen to the songs . . “.You are Holy” . ..He is too much for me and I am undone.
    I wanted to share a praise of thanksgiving. My momma fell a couple of weeks ago, outside on her concrete porch. She was skinned up, but nothing was broken. Praising Jesus! A woman was walking by outside and momma asked her for help, which she graciously gave. Hallelujah and thank You, God. She recovered really quickly from this fall, without a lot of the fear that has come upon her after her other falls. What a Father God we have!
    And Paulette, I read a post that I’ll try to email you soon. It talked about pearls and how they are formed. As I read it I couldn’t help but think of you, as a pearl of God’s, though suffering and in pain, you are so beautiful and full of praise to Him, always. love and prayers and thanks!

    • “Lord, I worship You in this temple. You are holy. I crown Your Majesty. You are great Jehovah, You are a priest over me.”

      Thank you Lord Jesus! What a mighty God we serve! Debbie, thank you so much for sharing what the Lord has done in your mother’s life! Nobody but Jesus! Even during a time of adversity, I’m so glad that the Lord showed Himself strong! It’s just like the Lord, to have had a “good Samaritan” on standby, to aid your mother when she needed it! I give God the glory and praise, that she broke no bones in the body, and for her speedy recovery! We serve an awesome God today! HE’S WORTHY! Bless the Lord!….. Thank you so much, Debbie! To God be the glory, for the things He has done! He has done great things, whereof I am so glad! He’s always making a way out of no way! He is a prayer answering God, oh yes He is! He keeps on doing great things for us! Bless the Lord! Love and prayers, and I thank you, as well!!

  6. Oh sister Paulette, your Wednesday Worship is such a blessing to me and I praise our wonderful Lord God and Savior for prompting you to share this with us every week. I am, once again going to try and post a link for an old hymn I truly am moved by. “Be Thou My Vision” sung by Selah. If it doesn’t work, will you please (once again) fix it for me.
    I bow before our Most Holy God with love and reverence and worship Him in all His Holiness. I will forever love you my Father and my Savior!
    Continued blessings…

    • May the Lord be praised, in all that I say, in all that I do, and in all that I am! It’s all about Jesus, and glorifying Him! My heart’s desire is to please the Lord…..Stephanie, your worship offering is so beautiful! I had never heard this hymn before. I have listened to it several times, since you posted it here. When I listen, I can feel the presence of the Lord! Glory to God! It has truly been a blessing to me! Thank you…. I am so glad that you are blessed by the worship sessions, and I give all the glory and praise to the Lord. I give Him praise, because He has been faithful, to meet us here each week, wherever we are in the world, as we worship Him corporately, yet separately! Thank you Jesus! HE’S WORTHY! Thank you so much, for taking time out, to worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness, in this place! Enjoy His presence, today and always!

      • Let us all “rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice” for His never ending love, mercy and faithfulness to us. We are so undeserving… and yet the Creator of ALL seen and unseen loves us! WOW!!!
        All praise, glory and honor to His Holy Name!


    • Noel, this morning I was so blessed by the offerings that you and Stephanie shared. I wasn’t able to comment on yesterday, but I am thankful to God, because this morning I have enjoyed the presence of the Lord as I have reread your worship offerings unto Him, and as I listened, again, to your song offerings! Glory to God! Such a tremendous blessing! Hallelujah! HE’S WORTHY!….Not very long ago, one of my younger nephews said something that I’ve never heard him say before. He’s eight years old. He was talking to me about a game or toy that he really likes, and he described playing with the game or toy, as “heaven.” However, I must agree with you and Israel Houghton, because “Jesus, Your presence is heaven to me!!” Thank you Jesus! Thank you so much for sharing in this worship session, Noel! I was blessed, as you worshiped our Savior! Enjoy His presence!

  7. I’m late again! 😦

    Still gonna thank Him though 😉 … today I have attached what is called “Oriki Jesu”, an art from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Its a sort of praise poetry. This one has been translated but I’m sure The God of ALL tongues needs no help in understanding it : )

    God be praised!

    • “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

      Never worry about being late to worship here. You are welcome to come at any time! However, I love, “still gonna thank him though.” Your worship offering was wonderful! “Creator who never abandons…I praise You.” Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! HE’S WORTHY! He is so worthy of our praise! Thank you for being such a blessing during these worship sessions! May the Lord bless you, and keep right on praising Him! 🙂

  8. Thank you Paulette for this time of worship and refreshment.

    Father in heaven!
    You have loved us first,
    help us never to forget that You are love
    so that this sure conviction
    might triumph in our hearts
    over the seduction of the world,
    over the inquietude of the soul,
    over the anxiety for the future,
    over the fright of the past,
    over the distress of the moment.
    But grant also that this conviction
    might discipline our soul
    so that our heart might remain faithful
    and sincere in the love which we bear
    to all those whom You have commanded us
    to love as we love ourselves.
    ~ Soren Kierkegaard

    What an amazing God!

    • What a mighty, mighty God we serve! Angels bow before Him. Heaven and earth adore Him! What a mighty God we serve! HE’S WORTHY to receive honor, glory, strength, and power! He’s worthy of our praise!

      Angela, thank you for sharing such a powerful prayer! This is such a wonderful way to close out this week’s worship session! May our God be exalted, and pleased with our worship! Wonderful offering! May the Lord bless you, as you worship and honor Him today! Glory to God!

  9. Minister Paulette

    I look forward to this worship experience every Wednesday. This Wednesday I NEEDED to be here. Thank you so much for facilitating… God bless you.

    I am lifted and encouraged by the offering of the saints. I am lost in the wonder of who He is. I am lost and undone in His presence… thankful that HE loves us enough to want to fellowship with us.

    Blessings much,

    • Such a beautiful worship offering, God be glorified and magnified today! I’m so grateful for the faithfulness of our God! He is omnipresent, present with all of us, wherever we are in the world at the same time, as we gather in this place to worship Him corporately! I’m just sitting here in awe of Him! “Whew!” Nobody but Jesus! It is also the faithfulness of the worship team, that truly makes these sessions what they are, all for God’s glory! Thank you, thank you, thank you Ann, for being such a tremendous blessing, always! May the Lord bless you, strengthen you, comfort you, and keep you in His loving care!

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