The Kreativ Blogger Award


Thank you Robin, the administrator of the Christian Coffee Shop Blog, for nominating me for this award. As if I was not surprised enough to be nominated for any blogging awards, I would have to say, that I am most surprised to have been nominated for this award, and considered to be a Kreativ Blogger! To God be all glory and honor! It is all about Him, and not about me! I have found the most enjoyable part of being nominated for an award to be,  passing it on to other bloggers, and introducing their blogs to other bloggers/readers!

For this award, I am required to share 10 things about myself. After sharing my information, I will then nominate 6 or more blogs which, I feel, radiates the very essence of this award.

1. I am a singer, and when inspired to do so, I write gospel songs and poetry.

2. When healthy, I was passionate about serving in ministry.

3. I was honored to receive the Teacher of the Year Award.

4. When teaching, it was more than a job. It was a calling on my life.

5. My students/classes always evolved into choirs, and I taught them to sign, using ASL. (They were very proud of themselves, and enjoyed performing!)

6. I formed a Community Gospel Choir in the community I taught in, which consisted of teachers, administrators, family members, and parents.  

7. I enjoy helping people! When the Lord speaks to my heart, I listen!

8. I want to bring about awareness of a chronically painful and debilitating neurological syndrome, RSD.

9. I am a VERY picky eater!

10. I’m VERY glad this is the last sentence, in which I have to share about myself! LOL!

(Drum roll please) Now, the list of nominees for the Kreativ Blogger Award!!!!

1. Refusing to Tiptoe

2. Bottled Emotions

3. Thoughts from the Porch



6. Reinventing the We’ll

7. Tonirand’s Blog


The subject matter of these blogs is Christ centered, encouraging, uplifting, and presented very creatively. You will definitely be blessed after having visited these blogs! Please take a few moments to check them out. May the Lord bless you abundantly, today and every day! (To the nominees: if you choose to, feel free to copy and paste the award from my blog, onto your blog.)