Heart Matters C-A-B

There are new guidelines for administering CPR, developed by the American Heart Association. For more than 40 years, individuals being trained to administer CPR, were instructed to open the airway by tilting the head back, pinching the nose, and breathing into the victim’s mouth. Also, they were instructed to look, listen, and feel for signs of normal breathing, before starting chest compressions. Now, it has been determined by the AHA, that chest compressions, not mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, should be the first step in helping victims of a heart attack or cardiac arrest. Also, the compressions should be deeper and faster on the chest, thus getting oxygen-rich blood circulating through the body more quickly.This technique, tagged CAB CPR or, compressions, airway, breathing, should be performed on children, adults, and infants, with the exception of newborns. In some instances, compressions alone will suffice, until professional help arrives. The ABC CPR or, airway, breathing, compressions method, should continue to be used on newborns. The link contains pertinent information, as well.

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